My Services

All services are offered in English and Spanish.

Art of Feminine Presence Practices

2 - 4 Hour Session (Depending on client's needs): $300 
Tools and Meditation is Provided

Art of Feminine Presence is a wonderful practice that allows women to connect to their essence, radiance, and personal presence without guilt about receiving the desired attention. These practices help us develop magnetism, personal embodiment, and transformation to facilitate a clear vision. I use these practices in healing circles to help women with troubles in relationships, business ventures, how to become a leader and inspire, help with living their full potential, and help with feelings of overwhelming and stress. I am available to host half day workshops and individual counseling, incorporating Art of Feminine Presence practices. I currently hold healing circles every Wednesday at The Healing Key located in Long Beach.


Reiki Healing

1 Hour Session: $100

Reiki is an energetic healing modality based on the practitioners ability to channel energy into the receiver by means of touch. Reiki promotes deep relaxation, relief of stress and anxiety, pain relief in body and mind, can increase rate of recovery from injury, energizes and balances the whole body, and strengthens the immune system. I am a Reiki level 3 master teacher and have used all these modalities on clients, friends, family, and myself. Clients have always expressed positive feedbacks on these methods and report feeling calm, relaxed and experiencing a sense of peace. They feel happy and with a sense of knowing that these modalities help and facilitate their personal journey.


Light Language Activation

30 Minute Session: $150

Light language is a high celestial sound that speaks directly to your inner knowing (heart). Tapping into your true essence that sounds and tones express, calm, heal and assist you to be activated if you are receptive to the vibration. Your soul knows the language, are you ready to remember?